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Scientific Equipment & Supplies from  Best Science Supplies

Our company is dedicated to serving Scientists, Veterinarians and Educators around the world by providing high quality chemistry and biology laboratory equipment and supplies at reasonable prices.   All of our superb quality heat forged Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments and Micro-surgicical Instruments promise years of dependable use and include every pair of scissors, forceps, needle holders and retractors .   We carry a very wide range of impliments, spanning from Adson Forceps to Ziegler Micro Knives.    Every product is backed by Best Science Supplies 100% satisfaction guarantee.


With the keen observations of three English scientists, chemistry began to emerge as distinct from the pseudoscience of alchemy. Boyle (1627–91) is often called the founder of modern chemistry. Boyle performed experiments under reduced pressure, using an air pump, and discovered that volume and pressure are inversely related in gases. Hooke gave the first rational explanation of combustion in combination with air and Mayow studied animal respiration. Best Science Supplies is proud to offer excellent Laboratory Glassware including beakers, flasks, burets, distillation apparatus and much more as well as Hardware such as a wide assortment of support stands, clamps, bunsen burners  and  Chemistry Lab Setups to meet your study and experiment needs.  We also offer a comprehensive selection of laboratory chemicals, especially packaged in small quantities.


The compound microscope consists essentially of two or more double convex lenses fixed in the two extremities of a hollow cylinder. The lower lens (nearest to the object) is called the objective lens; the upper lens (nearest to the eye of the observer), the eyepiece or ocular lens. The cylinder is mounted upright on a screw device, which permits it to be raised or lowered until the object is in focus, i.e., until a clear image is formed. When an object is in focus, a real, inverted image is formed by the lower lens at a point inside the principal focus of the upper lens. This image serves as an "object" for the upper lens which produces another image larger still (but virtual) and visible to the eye of the observer.  We at Best Science Supplies are able to provide you with excellent replacement lenses and parts such a mirrors and sub stage lights as well as stage clips and mechanical stages to upgrade or refurbish your microscope.  We are also happy to offer microscope slides and coverslips, microscope stains and mountants as well as all the equipment necessary for you to  make your own professional microscope slide specimens.

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